Wondering if Coaching is the Answer?

Wondering if coaching is the answer? I can help you with that.

It is not.

You are.

If a prospective client calls me and tells me that they need coaching, the first order of business is to disabuse them of that notion because it will hold them back.  If you think you need coaching and I take your money, I am perpetuating your learned helplessness.  You are the answer and it is only after you realize this that coaching will be powerful.

Can’t you see? Everything you need is inside of you.  Run fast from anyone trying to convince you otherwise.

My job is to make sure you never lose sight of your own power.  You choose coaching only after you have decided to be your own answer and take full responsibility for your results.  That’s where I come in.  You don’t choose coaching because you need it, you choose coaching because you want it.

But will I guarantee your results, you ask?

Most certainly not, what an absurd notion!

How could I possibly?  Your results are not up to me. There is a clue in the phrase “your results” that tells you who is responsible, can you see what it is?   Run fast from anyone trying to promise you otherwise; they seek to exploit your fundamental misunderstanding of how this all works.

It does not matter if we are talking about sports coaching, leadership coaching, acting coaching, voice coaching, life coaching, executive coaching, business coaching, health coaching or ADHD coaching.

Your results come from your actions and nowhere else.

You get this.  You understand what a coach is.  Have you ever seen a coach help the team by coming on the field in the middle of a play to intercept the ball and do something else with it?  Never.  You have never seen that.  And if you saw it your first thought would certainly not be “my, what a great coach, he really understands how to do his job.”

The answer is always the same.

You are the answer.

Isn’t that just wonderful news?!  You have everything you need. Now you get to add to that whatever it is that you want.  (May I suggest coaching?)  The world is your oyster. 

Now go get ‘em, Tiger!


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